Our Mission

“ To impart educational facilities to the women and to conduct welfare schemes for tribal, economically and especially backward women students.

To impart quality education to make women students globally competent, empowered and inculcate value system among them”

Departments of English


The department of English was started since the inception of the college. Initially it was started at the general level with merely less member of student. Now a day strength is not question. The department of English offers PG courses at Compulsory, general and special level. The department has good tradition of success rate. The department tries to work towards the promotion of word-class class education in values that concern life. The department of English tries to inculcate competitive spirit among students with a global vision to meet the challenges of modern world

Programmes/courses offered :

  • F.Y.BA.           Compulsory English
  • F.Y.B.A           Optional English
  • S.Y.B.A           Compulsory English
  • S.Y.B.A           Optional English G-2
  • S.Y.B.A           Special English  S-1
  • S.Y.B.A           Special English  S-2
  • T.Y.B.A           Compulsory English
  • T.Y.B.A          Optional English G-3
  • T.Y.B.A          Special English  S-3
  • T.Y.B.A               Special English  S-4
  • F.Y.B.Com Compulsory English
  • F.Y.B.Com Additional English
  • S.Y.B.Sc.    Optional Englis

Faculty as Member in National / International Committee:-

Dr.Bharati Khairnar:-

  • Member of  Educational Board of English Studies – Published by IMRF , Vijaywada.
  • Member of Editpria; Board – “ literary vitas orient Blackswan , Hyderabad”.
  • Member of Educational Board – “ Rainbow”,  orient Blackswan , Hyderabad”.

Results of the last three years

Academic year           Percentage
2013-14                       81.98%
2014-15                     74.00%
2015-16                     86.86%


  • The dept. conducts remedial coaching class for SC/ST/OBC and minority students
  • The dept. screens the text based movies and plays
  • Guidance to students for debate competition
  • Department runs certificate course in translation proficiency in English.


Sr. No. Name of the faculty Designation Educational Qualifications
1. Dr. Bharti S. khairnar Assistant Professor M.A., Ph.D.

Prof. D. K. Borse

Assistant Professor M.A., SET

Recognition Received by Faculty

Dr. Bharti Khairnar :-

  1. P.G. Teacher Recognition by SavitribaiPhule Pune University, Pune.
  2. M. Phil. / Ph. D. Guide Recognition by SavitribaiPhule Pune University, Pune.
  3. M. Phil. / Ph. D. Guide Recognition by Dr. BAMU Aurangabad.

Dr. V. M. Nare:-

  1. M. Phil. / Ph. D. Guide Recognition by SavitribaiPhule Pune University, Pune.

Success Story

Dr.Bharati Khairnar, Head Department of English in Member of Board of Studies in English in Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune. She is also the member of the faculty of Arts, Fine Arts And Performing Arts in SPPU, Pune She is the  recognized guide of M.Phil. and Ph.D. in SPPU, Pune and Dr. BAMU, Aurangabad. Recently one Ph.D. research scholar  is awarded Ph.D. degree under her guidance. One Ph.D. research scholar and one M. Phil research scholar have submitted their thesis to SPPU, Pune. Dr.Bharati Khairnar published one reference book and edited two books which are prescribed for S.Y.B.A. and S.Y.B.Sc. Syllabus by SPPU, Pune.
Another faculty Prof. D.K. Borse has got teacher fellowship and pursuing Ph.D. research work.

Staff Achievement

Dr.Bharit Khairnar:

  • Member of Board of studies in English SPPU, Pune
  • Member of Faculty of Arts, Fine Arts and Performing arts
  • Member of Editorial board of English studies IMRF ,Vijaywada, Andhra Pradesh.
  • Member of editorial board of textbooks Designing of S.Y.B.A. &S.Y.B.Sc. SPPU, Pune.
  • Participated in various National and international Conferences and presented papers, delivered lectures as resource person and kye-note speaker .
  • M.Phil. and Ph.D. Research guide. One research scholar is awarded Ph.D. degree, one M.Philand one Ph.D. research scholar submitted their thesis to SPPU, Pune. Six research scholars are pursuing Ph.D. research work under her guidance.

Workshop organized


Extension services

  • Organized Yoga camp for the faculty of the college
  • Two lecture series and two workshops on Bahishal Shikshan Mandal were organized
  • Workshop arranged on Proud Nirantar shikshan Dnyan vistar vibhag
  • One workshop arranged on empowerment of women

The Innovative practices

  • Organized paper reading competition & poetry recitation.
  • Prepared students for Avishkar Research Festival
  • Prepared students for elocution, debating and essay writing competition.

Future Plans

  • To promote student to be globally competent in communication skills by imparting new technical training through latest software in language learning skill.
  • To organize National Conferences for students and teachers in English Language.
  • To implement various certificate courses in English Language and Literature Teaching.
  • To get minor & major projects from BCUD and UGC in the forth coming academic years.