Our Mission

“ To impart educational facilities to the women and to conduct welfare schemes for tribal, economically and especially backward women students.

To impart quality education to make women students globally competent, empowered and inculcate value system among them”

Departments of History


Department of History Established at the beginning of the College in June 1990. History is a special level subject at beginning of Department. P.G. Department established 2007. The department promotes the students to be globally competent in History.


  • Department organizes various research activities such as collection of research projects, coin collection, map projects, manuscript and effective wall papers are all available in Department.
  • The Department has well equipped Departmental Library consisting near about 400 books .
  • The department has special facilities of text books and reference books in the library.
  • The Department has facility of research bulletins and research papers by eminent scholars is also available in the Department.
  • Organized exhibition of Indian Coins (ancient, Medieval, & Modern) and postal stamps

Programmes / Courses Offered

UG Level :                    F.Y.B.A      G1
                                      S.Y.B.A      G2
                                      S.Y.B.A      S1
                                      S.Y.B.A      S2
                                      T.Y.B.A      G3
                                      T.Y.B.A      S3
                                      T.Y.B.A      S4

PG Level :        Total 16 Course M.A. Part I & II
          Per Sem.            04 Course
          Totel                  04 Semster
( Cridit Based System ie 50/50 Pattern)


Sr. No. Name of the faculty Designation Educational Qualifications
1. Dr. S. D. Khairnar Associate Professor M.A, M. Phil, Ph. D

Prof. J. D. Pagar

Assistant Professor M.A.M.Phil

Results of the last three years (2013, 2014,2015)

   UG                                                                                   PG
Academic year           Percentage                           Academic year           Percentage
2013-14                       96.66%                                  2013-14                   100%
2014-15                     80.83%                               2014-15                100%
2015-16                     53,55%                               2015-16                100%

Extension services

  • The department is organizing Jaykar Lecture series for senior citizens.
  • Deparment organize guest lecture series.


  • The Student acquires knowledge of terms, concepts, events, facts, ideas, trends and moments, related to, historical Phenomenon.
  • To developed research attitude among the students.
  • To prepare Students for Various Competitive Examination
  • To make the Students aware about the social Problems & self Employment.
  • Develops critical, Creative & National Integrity thinking.

Future Plans

To organize guture lecture series .
To organize seminars/conferences/workshops at various level.
To improve our Students knowledge in Globalization.
To encourage our students to do research.