Our Mission

“ To impart educational facilities to the women and to conduct welfare schemes for tribal, economically and especially backward women students.

To impart quality education to make women students globally competent, empowered and inculcate value system among them”

Departments of Politics


The department of politics started since June 1990. Initially it was started at general level and special level. The Department offers B.A. Degree in Politic.


Name of Course/ Programme





3 Years

XIIth  Pass

  • Guidance to students for Debating and elocution Competition.
  • Department conducts Essay Competition on various subjects
  • We conduct tutorials & seminars for motivating & evaluating the students.
  • The result of the dept. is always 90-100%


  • Guidance to students for debating & elocation competitions.
  • The department conducts Essay competitions on various subjects like :

     1) Is voting registration  necessary ? 
     2) Importance of voters in Democracy
     3) Our Democracy.

Contribution in Teaching and Learning:

Group Discussions, Test’s , Tutorial , Lecture method , Seminars ,Guest Lectures , Organize Visit to Panchayat Samiti & ZP .


Sr. No. Name of the faculty Designation Educational Qualifications
1. Prof. A.H. Shinde Assistant Professor M.A, B.Ed.
2. Smt. S. D. Deore Assistant Professor M.A., SET


   Academic Year             Percentage
     2013-14                          92 %
    2014-15                          95 %
     2015-16                           96 %                                 

Extension services

  • Organized a camp for college students as a ambassador for election process.
  • Department Organized and Celebrated the Constitution Day.

The Innovative practices

  • Organized paper reading competitions
  • Visit to the Panchayat samitti office Malegaon
  • Visit to the Municipal Corporation Malegaon

Future Plans:

  • To organize State Level Seminar.
  •  Guest Lecture series
  •  To Participate in National & International Seminar.
  •  To introduce Human Rights Course