Our Mission

“ To impart educational facilities to the women and to conduct welfare schemes for tribal, economically and especially backward women students.

To impart quality education to make women students globally competent, empowered and inculcate value system among them”



The College has 3 acres of land plus adjoining area of the institution

College Building

the college has its own building with a built up area of 1788.94 Sq. Mt.


the college has specious Gymkhana & play ground to inculcate sports among the students for outdoor and athletic games.


The SPH Library is a central library located in main building area of 40.63.Sq Mts. Started since inception of the College. The library is safe, comfortable, well-lighted, and clean and is having adequate facilities. The library has LAN and an Internet facility. The library is open from 7.30 AM. To 5.30 PM for Staff & Students.

College is running classes from first year of BA, B.Com, B.Sc to M.A. Marathi, History, Music. To satisfy the needs of the students, faculty procures the Library textbooks, reference books, supporting books and the subject journals and periodicals in all subjects besides this Current topics from National & regional News Papers. The heads of the respective departments, faculty members and students suggest the titles of the books to be purchased. Considering the needs of the books, number of students, the Library procures the reading material. The Library Advisory committee plays an important role in its functioning. The books procured are accessioned manually and computerized also. The books are classified by the colon classification system and the arranged on the shelves in the stack room.

At present Library holding 16646 books including textbooks, reference books, various types of Encyclopedias, directories, dictionaries. The Library subscribes 43 periodicals, journals & 11 magazines & News Papers.

Library Users:

  • Senior College Faculty members.
  • Senior College (UG + PG) students.
  • Administrative staff.

Library Faculty

Sr. No. Name of the faculty Designation & Qualification Job Description
1. Prof. Smt. Bachhav  V. K Librarian
M. Lib.& Inf. Sci.
Administration and Management of the Library.

Shri. Patil B.R.

Library Attendant

In-charge circulation counters. cleanliness of main Library


Smt. Pawar A.A.

Library Attendant

In-Charge of cleanliness of main Library and In-Charge of circulation counter

Library Advisory Committee

Sr. No. Name Designation


Prin. Dr. Deore U. S.



Prof. Smt. Bachhav  V. K.



Prof. Dr. Smt. Ansari Ziya



Prof. Shri. Shinde A.H.



Prof. Dr..Sanap S.B.



Shri. Patil B.R


Best Practices

 Computerization of Library
                     The College Library is using highly professional “Vriddhi” Library Management Software; Library is providing advanced search facilities by using OPAC (On Line Public Access Catalogue-for faculty only). Other Library functions such as E-Books, E-Question Bank, E-Syllabus, Acquisition, Circulation, Serial Control etc. is underway and completed very soon.
 Library information in college prospectus
               The College prospectus includes detailed Library information such as membership, Lending services, Books and Periodicals collection, Competitive Examination literature, Library timing, rules and regulations etc. With the help of prospectus, Students are fully acquainted with the Library functions and services. It is found very much useful tool for fresh student.
 Information Display Boards
                   Newspaper clippings on various topics such as MPSC/UPSC Examinations /Staff selection advertisements, Career Opportunities, articles related to education etc. are periodically displayed on notice boards. Library has 02 display boards. Clippings are also displayed on the notice boards at staff room and administrative office. Bibliographic compilation of library collection
 Library User’s Attendance
                Separate attendance registers are kept at Main Entrance for students & Staff.  
 Clearance Certificate
         Clearance certificate are issued to students after they return the Library belongings at  the end of the academic year.    

 Membership
                 The Student Members of SPH library are issued 02 cards. Of one is issue card for issuing books & second is ID card for identifying the student.
Books Exhibition
                  Library organized Books Exhibition on important occasions.

Purchase policy
Library Advisory Committee approves the budget and subject wise allocation of funds at the beginning of academic year. Requirement of books and journals in prescribed format given by students, faculty and HOD’s duly checked for availability and duplication. Quotations are also invited for foreign and reference books from various booksellers and publishers.  Respected Principal offers sanctions to requirements and quotations. Library prepares and dispatch purchase order to concerned publishers and booksellers.
Rules and Regulations

  1. Members are required to carry their I-cards to gain entry in the library.
  2. The given library card is to be used only by the concerned student.
  3. A compulsory entry is to be made in the daily register kept in the library.
  4. Bags are to be deposited at the luggage counter.
  5. Silence is mandatory in the study areas. Loud conversations forbidden.
  6. Charging mobile phones & laptops, personal audio equipment use is not permitted.


  • Open access Library
  • The Library is kept open more than 10 hours every day.
  • Photocopying facility (Reprography) & Printing Services.
  • Partially Computerized Library.
  • Separate Periodical & Newspapers arrangement is done.
  • Displaying newspapers clippings on notice board. 
  • Computerization of library Database with standard software.
  • Separate Book Section for Competitive Examinations

Periodical Section:
Our College is having M.A. Marathi, History, and Music. All Subject journals and periodicals also help the faculty members in teaching, as the periodicals and journals include the facts regarding the advanced research and recent thoughts.

High speed internet

the college office is completely computerized. Various departments are also computerized along with internet facility.


Botanical Garden

The college has a Botanical Garden, which is governed by the department of Botany.

Students insurance

General Insurance system is provided as per the norms of University and Management.


The College has its own canteen, which provides refreshments for student and staff.


The College has a specious Gymkhana with latest instruments of sports as well as a play ground of 3 acres of the institute, including the athletic track and other facilities for out door games.

Land and Building

  • Land Area : 3 Acres
  • Built up area : 1788.94 Sq. mt
  • Play ground / Sports/ Games : 400 meter track

Teaching / Learning:

  • No. of class rooms:15 + 08
  • No. of Tutorial rooms:15
  • No. of Seminar rooms: 01
  • No. of Conference Rooms: 01
  • No. of Committee Rooms: IQAC, NSS, Exam. Committee/staff room/administrative office, principals Cabin, Dark room( 07)


  • No. of seats in Boys Hostel;
  • No. of seats in Girls Hostel:


Sr. No. Particulars Quantity
1. Seating capacity of reading room 50
2. No. of books in the Library 14802
3. No. of Journals Subscribed 68
4. No. of Multimedia Literature  

ICT Infrastructure

Sr. No. Particulars Quantity
1. No. of PC’s in Computer Centre 17
2. No. of PIV of Higher End PC’c  
3. No. of LAN terminals 15
4. Wi-fi Connectivity  
5 Type and speed of internet Connectivity Broad Band

Teaching Tools / Aids

Sr. No. Particulars Quantity
1. No. of Television 01
2. No. of OHP’s 01
3. No. of LCD’s 01
4. No. of VCP/ VCR’s 01


Sr. No. Particulars Quantity
1. Auditorium 50
2. Gymnasium 01
3 Indoor Games 01
4 Sports facilities  
5 No. of Houses for Teachers  
6 No. of rooms in Guest house  
7 No. of Common Rooms for students 01
8 Health Centre/ Medical Centre  
9 No. of Cubicals / Rooms for Teachers 01
10 Canteen for students 01
11 Transport Facility for students Nil