Our Mission

“ To impart educational facilities to the women and to conduct welfare schemes for tribal, economically and especially backward women students.

To impart quality education to make women students globally competent, empowered and inculcate value system among them”

IQAC (Internal Quality Assurance Cell):

The College IQAC is as under:

Sr.No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Subhash N. Nikam Principal/Chairman
2 Hon’ble Dr. Apoorva Hiray MLC/Management Representative
3 Dr. V. S. More Management Representative
4 Prin. Dr. Sayaji Pagar Educationalist
5 Smt. Hemangi Wavhal Stakeholder Representative
6 Smt. Navneeta Desale Vice Principal/Member
7 Dr. Smt. S. V. Deore NAAC Co-ordinator/Member
8 Mr. Kalyan Kokane Co-ordinator IQAC
9 Dr. Sanjay D. Khairnar Faculty/Member
10 Mr. S. I. Ansari Faculty/Member
11 Mr. U. K. Teke Faculty/Member
12 Mr. B. V. Shegar OS/Member
13 Miss. Priyanka Pawar Student Representative

The IQAC committee meets as and when necessary. Academic excellence, inculcation of character, value Education and Social concerns are the basic core values promoted through IQAC process The IQAC of the college play a vital role in the coordination and monitoring mechanisms. Regular meeting of IQAC are organized for auditing the functioning of various bodies and for the enhancement and sustenance of quality.

The functions of IQAC

  • To arrange IQAC Meets to arrange and implement the academic and extracurricular activities
  • To look after the execution of teaching plans and teaching diaries
  • To strengthen governance education in the re-accreditation face, taken revive of functioning of all curricular and extracurricular activities of the departments through the critical evaluation of each Department
  • The evaluation of each Department through the results of various examinations.
  • Evaluation of various plans of the Departments
  • To enhance teaching and learning
  • To bring innovative techniques on teaching and learning
  • Assure an involvement of the stakeholders in the planning and decision making of the activities of the college
  • Organize seminars/conferences and guest lecture series
  • Verify the API of the faculty under Carrier Advancements Schemes
  • Promote the faculty for undertaking major and minor projects  
  • To monitor the implementation of syllabus and time tables
  • To organize academic and extracurricular activities for the betterment of students  

Preparation of an academic calendar by mechanism

A committee is constituted for preparing academic calendar and the effective implementation of the activities of the teaching learning and extracurricular activities