Health awareness develops the healthy habits, attitudes, physical efficiency & mental health etc. For balanced diet, health awareness is also required for optimum health. The optimal diet for most of sports would have 60 % to 70 % of total energy required from Carbohydrates about 72 % from protein and rest from fat. Fat consumption should not be greater than 30 %g the total energy intake. Protein is made up of Carbon, Hydrogen, and Phosphorus by their chemical composition. Protein is mainly required for body building nutrient high-quality protein is generally animal protein such as eggs, milk and meat. It increases extra calories and necessary amino acids for health. Carbohydrates are chemical compounds containing Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen, sugar and starches. The Carbohydrates break down quickly and easily in the digestive system, forms the basic fuel of glucose. It is taken from natural resources such as rice, corn, potatoes, beans, and fruits before, during and after the training. Carbohydrates enter the blood slowly and insulin levels are steady.

         This increases the amount of energy available from the carbohydrates and reduces the amount stored fat. We should be aware about communicable diseases that are transmitted by direct contact through air, food, water and sometimes through vectors. We have to take care of health precaution from Cholera, Tuberculosis, and Diphtheria, Influenza and Hepatitis.

         I express my sense of gratitude to the Management of Mahatma Gandhi Vidyamandir, Nashik, UGC, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune and CDC of the college for their help, guidance and support.

         I am thankful to the Principal Dr. U. S. Deore without whose support, help, inspiration and guidance this grant success of the department would not be achieved.


         To provide sports activities for the personality development of students with the motto, ‘sports for all’ and to prepare physical education leaders of high academic caliber, with a holistic development of body, mind and spirit nurtured with a strong commitment to serve humanity.


  • 1.To train and equip training personnel to be fit, intelligent, emotionally stable, social-minded, spiritually enlightened, recreationally competent, vocationally prepared and committed to the cause of health, physical education, sports and recreation to make the nation fit
  • 2.To impart The Department of Physical education, Health and Sport provides students with opportunities to excel through purposeful experiences resulting in skills for lifelong learning, skills for citizenship, and skills for work including communication, use of technology, and appreciation of individual differences
  • 3.To make the students to be able to achieve the goal of Health and wellness is the quality of one’s lifestyle, which has physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects
  • 4.To promote health and wellness with an emphasis on prevention, life-long learning, and knowledge and skills that can be integrated into a holistic lifestyle
  • 5.• It develops physical wellness, fitness, and lifetime leisure time and physical skills that can be enjoyed in a variety of sports’ activities while improving each student’s personal health and fitness
  • 6.• Students will have many opportunities to participate in a variety of activities, which are physically challenging and mentally stimulating in a wholesome socially sound environment
  • 7.• To strive for recognizing Health and Sports as competent and prepared professionals, empowered lifelong learners, responsible citizens, and participants in regular physical activities.


         • Acquire movement skills and understand concepts needed to engage in health-enhancing physical activities.

        • Achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical fitness based upon continual self-assessment.

        • Develop team-building skills by working with others through physical activities.

        • Understand human body systems and factors that influence growth and development.

        • Promote and enhance health and well-being through the use of effective communication and decision-making skills.


        • To create awareness of the importance and benefits of physical activities in day to day life.

        • To encourage regular physical activities for a positive health life-style.

        • To develop moral values through sports and games.

        • To motivate the students for mass participation in sports and games.

        • To enable the students, change their attitudes towards life i.e. positive thinking and healthy criticism etc.

        • Individual has developed great endurance, speed, strength etc. Physical fitness is essential to leading a happy, vigorous and abundant life.

        • Physical education provides ample opportunities to develop traits such as cooperation, respect to others, loyalty, sportsmanship, self-confidence etc. These qualities help a person to make him a good citizen.

        • To increase a sense of integrity, respect for individual differences, excellence, communication with others, a sense of responsibility, skillful and critical thinking etc.


         • Department provides safety and quality equipment for the practice and competition.

        • Department display the schedule of various tournaments well in advance for the benefit of the students.

        • Other sportspersons are also invited for performing sport activities.